Friday, 12 October 2018

Walaku Nasi Lemak at Joo Chiat

This Nasi Lemak is housed in a lovey bistro cafe setting. At its storefront, you get to see what it offered. There are two different types of Signature Nasi Lemak. 

The one below, Nasi Lemak Berempah, comes with its rice not only wrapped in Banana Leaf, but that its Sambal Chilli is in the heart of it. More importantly, the way that the Chicken is prepared is different. This one has its flavoured sealed within and topped off with fried coconut. Highly recommended!

Avoid ordering the other similar sounding one which is the Ayam Goreng Bakar. We found that it is less tasty and the marinade does not seep into the flesh. 

102 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427396
Opening Hours: 11am to 9:30pm daily (Closed on Monday)

Ma Li Ya's Virgin Chicken

Whilst everyone is queuing for Hawker Chan's Soya Chicken, just across the aisle lies a hidden gem which no one knows about... Ma Li Ya's Virgin Chicken is similar to Hawker Chan's except that I feel it is more tender and has a more balanced flavour. It's skin, marinated sweet and savoury. Plonk over fragrant chicken rice and some bean sprouts. Perfect. 

Ma Li Ya Virgin Chicken
#02-189 Chinatown Food Center 
Chinatown, Smith St
Opening hours: 7:00AM to 4:00PM (Closed Monday)

Monday, 8 October 2018

Big Prawn Mee 大蝦麵 @ Loyang Way

I've read Dr Leslie's recent recommendation and since I was in the area for Reservist, I decided to pop by. Otherwise, this place is very out of the way and if you aren't familiar with this area it can be hard to find. If you've read by blog post on Wanton Mee, you'll see that this Industrial Canteen was also featured. 

I ordered the medium Prawn Noodles $7. Before even tasting it, my eyes were treated to a feast! Chef Dickson was previously from Tung Lok I heard. It is little wonder that you will get nothing but careful selection of Ingredients, an intricate blend and balance of flavours in the Broth and the Noodles. 

Look at the Roe on the halved Ang Sua prawns, cooked to perfection, tender and juicy. You can tell he takes care of his ingredients when a hawker keeps his prawns neatly aligned in containers. They whack a generous spoonful of dark dirty looking fried Shallots, charred to the brink of bitter sweet. This taste blends so amazingly well with a tinge of Pork Lard oil. These two sitting subtly on top of a sweet savoury broth mixed for you before plating into this bowl. Blew my mind the intricate flavours! 

The Soup! Umami! I dare not use this term very often. But it is a strong prawn flavour, with a medium bodied pork bone base and a play on underlying spices and rock sugar. 

If you drive or you're in the area or just crazy for Prawn Mee, you must try this bowl of amazing noodles!

64, Loyang Way, Singapore 508754

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri 6.30am to 3.00pm
Sat: 6.30am to 2.00pm
Sun & PH: Closed

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Kampung Kia Nasi Lemak

I had read a review of this stall online and had been eager to try this. When I arrived, the stall front was empty - in Singapore terms this is not a good sign. No doubt, we applaud young hawkerpreneurs where two chinese guys have had their hand at this. But I would return for this Nasi Lemak. 

I appreciate the blue pea tinge, but the rice wasn't dry enough nor fragrant enough. Usually the case of rice cooker methodology as opposed to steamed rice. The Chicken Drumstick Rendang was tasty with a good texture, but for rendang, it lacked spice and the authenticity of the blend. The Sambal was sweet and had too much onions. 

Kampung Kia Nasi Lemak
80 Marine Parade Central #01-778, Singapore 440080

Punggol Nasi Lemak @ Tanjong Katong

I had to try the Nasi Lemak that has been attracting such long queues around the corner from my house. I've tried the main one at Kovan, and now decided to try this branch. The queue seemed long but expect only 30mins wait. 

The standard Nasi Lemak comes with the Coconut Rice, and you add on the ingredients with an exponentially increasing price tag. This plate costs $10! Just one small Chicken Wing, 2 overly dry Fried Fishes, one Otah, and they even charged for the Ikan Billis and Peanuts (usually comes standard on the side)!

The rice is fragrant with coconut milk, but not grainy enough. The Chicken Wing was freshly fried and tasty. The Ikan Billis uses the smallest silver fish which is good and crunchy. The Ikan Kunning was fried for awhile and left to dry and turned rubbery. The Sambal had a nice balance slightly bitter and sweet but lacking that kick in heat. Honestly, I wouldn't come back.