Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Roast @ "Shao La"

Roast Goose & Steamed Hainan Chicken @ Cafe de Coral
Cafe de Coral @ HK International Airport
Typical Shao La Stall along the streets of Hong Kong  (Notice the lovely quails at the bottom)
Cheok Kee's Braised Duck Drumstick
Cheok Kee's Queue at Geylang Bahru Hawker Centre

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Braised Duck @ Circular Road

Roasted Duck Rice with Roasted Pork Belly @ Phillip Street

Roasted Duck Rice @ Ghim Moh Market

Roast Duck and Roast Pork Belly Rice @ 6th Ave
Roasted Pork Belly @ 6th Ave
Roast Pork Belly Rice @ Hong Lim
Soon Kee Braised Duck @ Long House, Thomson

Braised Chicken Noodles @ 6th Ave
Braised Chicken Noodles @ Chew Kee Eating House (Cross Street)

Brunch Compilations

"The Usual Suspects" with Chicken Chipolata Sausages @ Hatched

Sir Benedict @ Hatched
English Breakfast @ Spruce

German Breakfast @ Spruce

Perfectly Poached @ Hatched

Nagomi @ Cuppage Plaza

Grilled Black Cod

Sashimi Platter

 Grilled Salmon Cheek

Signature Chicken Porridge

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Rong Guang Seafood @ Alexandra (Closed)

Fried Baby Squids

Fried Buns
Chilli Crab

Plenty of Roe

BBQ Stingray

Brotzeit @ Vivo

 Sausage Platter
 Chicken Salad
Signature Pork Knuckles

2 Chefs @ Tanglin Halt

Two Chefs Eating Place
Blk 116 Commonwealth Crescent, #01-129
Singapore 140116
11.30am - 2.30pm
5pm - 11.30pm
Monday (Lunch) closed