Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Real Food - Vegan in the City

Mushroom and Turmeric Risotto - 12.8 
This is one of the most flavourful I have had. A local familiar curry like taste with small vegetables to create a filling mouthful. Not a Michelin dish for sure, but a simple hearty meal with frozen vegetables. 

Mushroom Carbonara 

Signature Steamed Dumplings drizzled in Olive Oil and Tamari - 10.8
There were really light, and actually very similar to a Soon Kueh. 

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Nan Xiang Roast Pork and Char Siew

For the first time in my life the Char Siew is fattier than the Sio Ba!

I had written about the Roast Chicken awhile back, this time to try the Char Siew and Sio Ba rice.

When I saw that there wasn't a queue, I knew I had to seize the opportunity! Everyone in the line seem to be ordering the same dish - Char Siew Sio Ba rice. You get to choose if you want the Chicken Rice as a base. 

The roast pork belly is sliced thinly so that you get a manageable bite savouring all of its elements: the crispy skin, the firm fatty layer, and the salted lean bottom. Leaves you wanting for more. The barbeque roast pork @ Char Siew, is one of the best I every had! They used the premium pork collar to create this meat, whilst others would use a cheaper lean cut. Look at it, the char presented to the customer is minimal and not overwhelming. The fatty portion is insane but it is firm and blended into the tendons of the collar. 

I wore a smile to myself the whole time I was wolfing this down. 

Da Dong Prawn Mee

Heard about this next Gen stall that boasts a solid bowl of prawn noodles. So glad to see educated, well mannered youth taking over a humble enterprise, aiming only to please their customers! 

Tasting the soup, I was surprised that it had such a strong garlic taste. It brought a good deal of depth, but an attempt to balance it out with rock sugar might have been slightly too much. Nonetheless the strong Prawn flavour is maintained. 

The noodles has a different texture to the factory made ones, they're more springy. You don't get as thick as a sambal as elsewhere, hence it tends to come off as a bit light, almost lacking that kick. The pork lard could be fried better and it will be much tastier. The lean pork slices are tender, and the prawns are fresh and plump.

A better deconstruction of the ingredients will make it amazing 

Da Dong Prawn Mee
354 Joo Chiat Road,
Opening hours 9am to 3pm


Seasonal Oyster | grapefruit shrub, peach kosho 

House-poached Octopus | squid ink risotto, salted egg sauce, tobiko 

Pork Jowl Char Siew | tellin clam, homemade vadouvan, lentils 

Wild Sri-Lankan Tiger Prawns | watermelon gazpacho, achiote wooster oil, radish +5

Sustainable Catch | yuzu mole verde, barley, fish fumet +8

Morsels’ Signature Tiramiso | milo, diplomatico aƱejo rum +5 

Friday, 28 December 2018

Roast Paradise - Old Airport Road

A random walk in, and I was surprised that there wasn't a queue in front of this stall - whilst the Lor Mee had a snaking queue and sold out by 12:45pm! So I ordered the standard - Roast Pork and Char Siew Rice $5.50. 

The Rice was fragrant, not quite the Chicken Rice flavour, less the Chicken stock and Butter. So the roasted Garlic flavour was deep in this grainy dry rice. And this Garlicky flavour blended so well with the Garlic hints within the Roast Pork and the bitter charr from the Char Siew (Barbeque Pork). The Char Siew was firm on the thin outside, and soft slow cooked in the middle. The Roast Pork had a hard crispy crust, and a firm flavoured meat. 

This is a good plate, but if you are in the vicinity, I'd rather Nan Xiang just less than 1km away. 

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Chix Hot Chicken

Decided to try an old friend's new Chicken set up - Bober has been known to dish out amazing fried food before. Bober and Musician Taufik Batisah opened Chix, tucked in a quiet corner of Jalan Pisang, across the street from Arab St. Its decor is very interesting, with bespoke modern caricatures on the walls, everything else kept spaced and simple. 

Go Big or Go Home right? I bravely ordered the Insane Hotness chicken, and the Mild Hotness flavour as a comparison. Just opening my mouth to bite this chicken, I caught a breath of the peppers and choked. But biting into this super juicy chicken, I knew I couldn't stop. All the flavour in the chicken sealed inside a dry spiced crispy exterior. I suggest if you can "tahan" endure a bit of heat, at least go for the Crazy. You need to experience the ghost peppers and live a little... ;P

Everything here is homemade, no factory frozen nonsense. Even the slaw, omg the slaw! Can't blame me if I think this is one of the best Coleslaw I have ever had. It is balanced so exquisitely, because it is light, the sweetness acidity and freshness has to dance around each other. 

Chix Hot Chicken
1 Jln Pisang, #01-01, Singapore 199069
Opening Hours: 12am to 9pm (Closed on Sun and Mon)

Zhenguang Wanton Mee

Heard of the history of this stall from a Television programme of how this was the old Hollywood canteen Wanton Mee. Just a street away, I decided to give this a try. Oddly there was a longer queue on the other side for Kiat Huat Wanton Mee. Nonetheless, stick to the mission. 

The Char Siew looks dry but surprisingly firm and tender. The fried Wantons are petite and crispy, whilst the boiled ones have that old school flavour with a tinge of salted fish (I think). 

The noodles are springy and doused in Soya Sauce and a fragrant Garlic and Scallion Pork Lard oil. I wolfed the noodles, it was so good. 

Zhenguang Wanton Mee
14 Haig Road
Haig Road Market & Food Centre, #01-67

Opening Hours: 6am - 3pm