Monday, 27 May 2019

Famous Trishaw Sungei Road Laksa

Yet another one of Michelin's misguided choices... Contrary to its name, this stall at Hong Lim market is not the famous Sungei Road Laksa. The real one is still at Sungei Road where they use Charcoal to boil their Laksa. 

First thing that puts me off is the use of chicken! Not only does it bastardise the traditional dish, it retracts and contradicts the seafood flavours of a bowl of Laksa. Which might explain an odd diluted milky taste.  

Lao Lim (Jalan Lim Tua Kong) Mee Pok

I’ve had so many variants of the Jln Lim Tua Kong Mee Pok. I must say this one at Simpang Bedok is actually quite good. The balance of the sauce tossed with the noodles was well done. The generous ingredients was the other plus point. However, I am still a strong proponent against the use and the taste of farmed prawns with this translucent and jellyish texture. 

Lao Lim (Jalan Lim Tua Kong) Mee Pok
306 Bedok Road 

Dong Fang Restaurant

I have to say this place looked suspect as you walk past towards Chinatown. A bunch of us were craving Chinese food and decided to be adventurous. We were pleasantly surprised with the cheap and tasty food here! My favourites were the “Water Cooked Fish” thick slices of fresh fish cooked in chilli oil and spices, and what I thought I was so familiar with the “Ginger Spring Onion Beef” was so flavourful with a “wok hei”. 

The szechuan chicken was diced too small and ended up too dry though.

Dong Fang Mei Shi Fan Dian (东方美食饭店)
195 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059425

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Jypsy by PS Cafe

Smokey Unagi Fried Rice

Katsu Curry Rice

Beef Tartare 
with white Onion Puree, pickled Radish paper and capers

Jypsy Rainbow
with torched Salmon Tartare, Bluefin Tuna, Yellowtail, Avocado 

Robata 150D Grainfed Ribeye 
with roasted Onion Puree

Jypsy Salmon Tacos
with King Salmon, seaweed, Avocado, Tomato Salsa, wasabi Mayo and Ikura

Lobster & Crab Gyoza

Nest of Fries

Seng Kee Herbal Kidney Mee Sua

This place is known for its Herbal Kidney Mee Sua (Rice Vermicili) but the open air restaurant seem to be bursting at its seams with families flocking in to feast on their tse char options. I was alone and on a food hunt, I ordered the $7 signature dish. 

The soup was surprisingly light and herbal and very sweet from a deep bone broth. For the price, you actually get quite a generous portion of Pig Kidneys fresh and chewy. The Mee Sua is strainy and al dente, and not clumpy and fat. Not something I’d eat everyday, but certainly on a rainy day when you need a boost.