Saturday, 23 August 2014

CBD Series - MBFC

Over on the Marina Bay side, it is often limited by the choice of eating places. This is partly due to the slightly different demographics of workers here. The bulk of the clientele are Expats who are either in the gym for a quick workout, or having their sandwiches and salads at their desks. This explains the sprouting of sandwich cafes and salad bars everywhere. 

Otherwise, if we have a little more luxury of time, here are the few places you can go.

Bibigo (Closed)

This is the place I would go for a lunch appointment if I have a hangover to nurse. The queue is not incredibly long, the staff are friendly, and it is almost a hassle-free place to lunch. 

A must-try as an appetizer is the "Pajeon", a Seafood Pancake. For the mains, you can either have the Samgyetang (Chicken Ginseng Soup) or the KimchiJigae (Kimchi Soup). 

The Rotisserie 

This is a place where you can pack your salads and sandwiches and coffees, or you can dine in during lunch hour. A White and Wood ambiance, the vibe is very cafe. The most popular item here is of cos the Chicken out of the "Rotisserie". You may have the Quarters (S$12), Halves or Whole with a Side - Fries, Mash or Salads. The Fish & Chips and the Pork Knuckles are recommended as well. Mind you, the portions are fairly substantial. 

Level 33

Up on the 33rd level of Tower 1, Level 33 offers the Executive Set Lunch Menu at only S$33 with an amazing view. 

It starts out with what they coined as The Ploughmans Table - the setting for an extensive appetizer and deserts buffet. The mains are chosen from a choice of Fish & Chips, Burger & Chips and Beef, or one of the special Mains of the week. 

Paradise Pavilion

Located discretely on the second level of Tower 3, this place has its own private lift (located by the side of Erwin's). This is a very fancy place to bring your Chinese clients for a power lunch.Their set menus ranges from S$48 per person onwards... 

Surprisingly they have a Dim Sum menu as well, and it is way more affordable if you are planning that Team Lunch.

Ola Concina Del Mar

Here is a fine dining restaurant serving you supposedly Michelin standard tapas. Perhaps price-wise for I have not tasted any of that sort when I was there - unless you have the $28 Counter Lunch is the most attractive option if you are eating with a buddy or alone. 

You can refer to the blog that I had posted previously:

Saturday, 9 August 2014

CBD Series - Golden Shoe (Interim Telok Ayer)

Now that the market has moved to the interim market at Telok Ayer MRT, we are pleased to find all of the stalls are still operational and standards have not dipped! 


People who works in the CBD (Central Business District) all have the same dilemma - not knowing what or where to eat. Hence I have decided to compile a series of popular locations, along with what to look forward to when you are there. Hopefully these guides will help you to better decide in times of need. 

We shall kick off this series with Golden Shoe. Everybody loves this place because of its central location along Market Street, as well as its wide variety of Good and Affordable food. Here I will cover the 3 stalls with the longest snaking queues on the 2nd level of Golden Shoe. 

1. Golden Nur Nasi Briyani ($5.00) ($6.00)

Their Nasi Briyani is arguably the best in Singapore! The magic lies in the Deep Fried Chicken and Tasty Batter - they even serve you a chunk of that fried batter on the side (it is so addictive!) Apart from that, the meat is so juicy and succulent! The Basmati rice is not as grainy and fragrant as one would like it to be, but what the heck... 

2. Tong Fong Fatt Chicken Rice ($2.50/$3.50)

They say that you either love it for the Chicken, or you dig the Rice. This one has both! The Rice is Grainy and very Fragrant, I could eat it on its own with black sauce. The Chicken... is so tender yet firm, juicy and springy with every bite. The factor that differentiates TFF from its rivals is the sauce that they throw onto the Chicken. Those who are allergic to MSG, stay away! The sauce is full of it! But its balance with sesame oil and soya sauce makes it a perfect compliment to the rice. 

3. Tiong Bahru Wanton Mee ($3.50)

You must order the larger portion of the Wanton Mee ($3.50), for it comes with a load of ingredients! 2 Fried Wantons, 1 Fried Fishball, 1 Ngoh Hiang (Spring Roll), 2 Steamed Wantons in Soup and Generous servings of homemade Char Siew (Barbequed Pork)!

If you are a chilli fan, this is the noodles to look for. It is both spicy yet adding to the flavour of the noodles of choice. Which are springy but you do not really want to pack it back to the office - the alkaline taste creeps out pretty quick. 

4. Hock Gooi Hainanese Curry Rice ($3.50)

Always a snaking queue at this stall. You need to rush down before 1140am to avoid much of a queue. In addition, many of them are packing for their friends, so the wait is longer. Expect at least 30mins. 

You can choose from several options ranging from a Pork Cutlet set which includes an Egg and Cabbage, or Braised Pork Belly with the same. I'd usually like to have both, which would only cost you $3.50! 

I come back for the mild yet savoury curry, its thin breaded pork chops almost pink, and its braised and firm pork belly. Each bite is an exploration in my mouth. Satisfying indeed. 

5. Tian Ci Prawn Noodles ($6.00)

Easily one of my favourite Prawn Noodles, especially so in the CBD area. Read my review in the link below:

6. Teochew Fishball Noodles ($4.00)

Has to be one of the most simple yet savoury noodles I have had. I would liken this to a "mini wok" without the pot. I'd call this the all-in-one: Dry Mee Pok, Soup Bak Chor. Fishballs, Wantons and Mushrooms. It is no wonder that they sell out by 1pm at lunch time!

On the noodles, they are done al dente and firm, with a smooth tinge of black vinegar, the rich bitterness from the dried flatfish, sweetness from the braised black mushrooms and sambal chilli.

The soup, you can tell there's no MSG that sharpness in taste. Its sweetness comes from boiling its pork bones over a long time, blended well with the residual seafood sweetness from the fish in the fishballs and fishcakes and the dash of minced pork they strain over and over again.

7. Tiong Bahru Roast Specialist

Perhaps they are known for their suckling pig roast. Because I did not get that wow factor when I had their Roast Chicken and Roast Pork. As you can see, the Roast Pork Belly isn't even pressed, more traditionally prepared. Skin is fairly crispy but normal. Their Roast Chicken is average, but what annoyed me most is the lack of skill is chopping the bird up, leaving bone and its shards all over.

6. Say Seng Teochew Minced Pork Noodles

The Fishballs are bouncy, the pork slices are juicy and a surprising half slice of "sand prawns". The MeePok done al dente with lots of flavour in each bite. 

7. Ah Liang Ipoh Horfun 

Without the huge dumplings, you'd think it is a plain looking plate of Horfun. But the Mushroom braised sauce is just right, not too salty, not too sweet, slurped together with the noodles. But it is the Fish Dumplings, with hidden chunks of Water Chestnuts adding to a crunch. The fish paste sweet and juicy. 

8. Bee Kee Wanton Mee

They are known for their signature Truffle Wanton Mee, but no one seemed to be ordering it and I went with my gut and ordered the standard Large one instead. The noodles are firm and tasty with its sauce, and the wantons are what they should taste like. What troubled me were the dry cardboard tasting Char Siew. With Tiong Bahru Wanton Mee in the next aisle, you'd be better off there for your Wanton Mee fix!