Friday, 29 December 2017

Hawker Chan - Tai Seng outlet

Instead of standing in a queue for over an hour in Smith Street, with the commercial expansion of the Hawker Chan franchise, you can now savour the Michelin star Soya chicken across several outlets. Today I came to this one at Tai Seng. Open at 11am, the clientele over the school holidays seems to be families, possibly owing to the Childcare centre and the NTUC in the same building. 

A short wait to order, and another 10-15mins, I have my over-ordered plate of everything they have! Since I am here already, I ordered the Soya Chicken, the Roast Pork and the Char Siew. 

The Pork belly is extremely fatty! Where the lean part has a strange consistency though, almost powdery. The Char Siew is juicy too, perhaps owing to the source of pork. It is characteristically sweet yet I feel it is not sufficiently charred to lend the bitter complexity to it. 

The Soya Sauce Chicken, the pièce de résistance did not disappoint. It was tender and full of flavour - a distinct heavy white pepper taste with the usual sweet savoury.

I'd recommend to just go with the rice, the noodles were overcooked. And its sauce if too light to hold onto the noodles. The sambal for the noodles had a chance but lacked depth and char. The chilli to company the chicken rice was disappointing -  it was too sweet probably because they used lemon syrup instead of juice. 

Friday, 22 December 2017

Rahim's Mee Rebus

Initially they seemed to be fairly popular with features more of their Satay rather than their Mee Rebus. I had a craving, do decided to try. A pity their Satay only starts from 2pm. 

The sauce for the Mee Rebus is tasty but not fragrant enough. Something seems to be lacking in depth, maybe I should have mixed more dark soya sauce in. What is unique though is that they pour a serving of satay sauce over it. Gives it extra flavour and bite. 

Most customers add extra chicken onto their plate, may be worth a try, but I could barely finish this. The noodles were a tad over cooked as well though. 

RAHIM MUSLIM FOODBlk 721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 Broadway Coffeeshop
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 8pm, closed alt Sun

Rabbit Carrot Gun - Brunch at Katong

The Trenchard Arms. 

A quaint cornershop along the famous Katong stretch, serving Brunch by day and an English pub by night. Came here for the Brunch and was quite pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. Their Sourdough on all of its items were really fragrant and toasted well. 

The Avocado Smash $19 sounds a tad pricey but with 2 Benes and Feta Cheese it was good. And if you want a no frills, less guilt, simple breakfast with your morning cuppa, then have Eggs Your Way $10. For just ten bucks, offering customers a budget item on their menu is just clever. 

Rabbit Carrot Gun
49 East Coast Road
Tel: +65 6348 8568
Tue to Sun: 8am – 12am

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Where to find the Best Prawn Mee...

Khoon Kee Prawn Mee
Redhill Market

Prawns: Firm Sea Prawns
Broth: Rich and Savoury Prawn Flavour. (Deep Fried and Grounded Prawn Shells)
Noodles: Tossed with fragrant Sambal mix of Garlic and Shallots
Go For: Soup

Wah Kee Prawn Noodles
Pek Kio Food Centre

Prawns: Extra Large and Fresh.
Broth: Rich Prawn Flavour, a hint of Sweet.
Noodles: Slightly watery, Generous Pork Lard.
Go For: Large Prawns

Ah Hui Big Prawn Noodles

Balestier Food Centre (Formerly from Longhouse)

Prawns: Large (Halved) and Sweet.
Broth: Savoury with a strong Garlic Flavour.
Noodles: Firm and Dry.
Go For: Broth and Prawns.

Albert Street Big Prawn Noodles

Old Airport Road Food Centre

Prawns: Large (Halved) and Sweet.
Broth: Sweet with a Rich Prawn Flavour.
Noodles: Tossed Well, Fragrant with Fried Shallots.
Go For: Broth/Soup.

Noo Cheng Prawn Noodles
Adam Road Food Centre / Zion Road Food Centre

Prawns: Juicy and Springy.
Broth: Rich Prawn Flavour.
Noodles: Fragrant, Good with Chilli Powder.
Go For: Noodles and Soup.

River South @ Hoe Nam Prawn Noodles
31 Tai Thong Crescent

Prawns: Average.
Broth: Extremely Rich Prawn Flavour, by Deep Frying Prawn Shells.
Noodles: Slightly watery, but Flavourful from Broth added.
Go For: Soup. Opened till Late.

Katong (Jaco) Teochew Mee Pok
84 Marine Parade Central

Prawns: Firm Sea Prawns.
Broth: Prawny and Rich Flavour.
Noodles: Sambal Chilli.
Go For: Dry Noodles and Soup. 

Tian Ci Prawn Mee
Telok Ayer - Market Street Food Centre

Prawns: Halved and Thin.
Broth: Prawn and Porky Flavour, a hint of Sweet.
Noodles: Each bowl is Tossed and a Dash of Broth.
Go For: Dry Noodles!

Blanco Court Prawn Mee

243 Beach Road (Before Arab St.)

Prawns: Small and Slightly Overcooked.
Broth: Rich Prawn Flavour, a hint of Sweet.
Noodles: Well Balanced.
Go For: Noodles and Pig Skin

Beach Road Prawn Mee

370 East Coast Road

Prawns: Firm and Juicy
Broth: Medium to Strong Prawn Flavour.
Noodles: Dry, Fried Shallots.
Go For: Soup.

Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee
2 Jalan Ayer (Near Kallang MRT)

Prawns: Sweet and with Roe.
Broth: Sweet with Medium Prawn Flavour.
Noodles: Dry, Fried Shallots.
Go For: NA.

Whitley Prawn Noodles

Circular Road/Old Airport Road

Prawns: Big Prawns are Average sized.
Broth: Rich Prawn Flavour, slightly Salty.
Noodles: Noodles abit overcooked but with sufficient Flavours.
Go For: CBD Convenience.

545 Prawn Mee

Tekka Market, Little India

Prawns: Tiny and Overcooked.
Broth: Herbal, without Prawn Flavour.
Noodles: Dry, Well Flavoured with Chillis.
Go For: To support next Gen Hawkers.

Old Hokkien Street Prawn Mee
Hong Lim Food Centre

Prawns: Fresh and Firm. Halved.
Broth: Rich Prawn Flavour, a hint of Sweet. (Deep Fried and Grounded Prawn Shells)
Noodles: Light Broth and Chilli Paste.
Go For: Soup.

Prawn Mee - Katong (Jaco) Teochew Mee

Recommended by a friend, I decided to explore the neighbourhood wet market and food center. And my passion for Prawn Noodles drove me here. You'd be distracted by the long queue for the Economic Rice beside it. Or that this stall seem to sell Fishball Noodles instead. But order the dry version of the Prawn Noodles and you'll be left pleasantly surprised. 

Perhaps because they specialise in Mee Pok, you can trust their sambal chilli and it is good. The soup comes in a very small bowl because it is very tasty! Some may be put off by the very fishy taste to the broth, but to many this is what makes it so very rich. 

What I also like is that they are generous with the condiments and even their sambal!
I'll be back for my Prawn Mee fix.

Katong (Jaco) Teochew Mee Pok Kway Teow Mee
84 Marine Parade Central 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Chen's Mapo Tofu

I had the opinion that this was a Chinese restaurant by the apparent Chinese name. But it is the sister spin off of Japan's 2 Michelin star Shisen Hanten, who's owner is Chen Kentaro. He partners Chatterbox, whose Chatterbox Express is in the same building - OUE Downtown. 

It is a sizeable portion for a Signature Combo of half Chen's Mapo Tofu Don and half Dan Dan Mien, and for an affordable $11.50. 

The starter of cold Tofu, Chilli Oil and Century Egg was a great appetiser. The Tofu Don was very tasty and spicy. Crushes of garlic spring onion and peppercorns. 

The Dan Dan Mien was a tad of a miss. Too thick, slightly overdone and slimy consistency of which I am not a fan of. 

Chen’s Mapo Tofu
6A Shenton Way #02-29, Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068809
Tel: +65 6221 3206
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm Daily