Thursday, 17 July 2014

Private Event at Culina's - FHA '14

Suzuki Ramen Bar - The "Natural" Ramen

I have been meaning to try this place for the longest time... They seem to have a perpetual queue outside no matter what time I come out for lunch. Their location is not hard to find - right in the heart of Circular Road (opposite Mogambo's). Turns out the queue actually moves fairly quick. So do not fret. 

When it came to our turn, we placed our orders paid for it and were shown to our seats. The place was not like any other Ramen Bar where it is cramped and uncomfortable. Quaint, Classy, Bar-ish looking place that had ample walking space with its tables well-placed. And each table well-stocked with the usual suspects. 

Making a fair comparison, I had to order the standard variant, the "Pure White" Tonkotsu Ramen ($12.90) adding an additional 3 slices of Belly Chashu ($3.00). 

I know what they meant by "Natural" the moment I took a sip of the broth! I had no real comparison till now I guess... All other broths have been tasting like supermarket seasoning as compared to this. It had the raw Pork Bone sweetness boiled many times over. It was "Pure", it was "Natural" indeed.

The Flavoured Eggs (Ajitsuke Tamago) were perfectly done. As many outlets becomes commercialized, they've let down their guard on something so simple but demands so much skill and attention. Note: everything in a Ramen is pure simplicity - but these chefs put their heart and soul into crafting and mastering the Perfect Simplicity. No effort must be spared. 

You can choose two variants of Chashu - the Shoulder Loin or the Belly. I thought that the Belly would be really sinful, but it was actually very lean, with only 1mm of Belly. 

We had also ordered the "Cardinal Red" Tonkotsu Ramen ($13.90) which ideally was the same broth but with a ball of specially made Spicy Miso. I personally liked this better! It wasn't that spicy - just a dash of "kick" to add some character into your soup. Love it! 

The other "colours"/variants are: 
Jet Black - Squid Ink and Black Miso
Amber - Curry and Seafood (Limited to 10 sets per Lunch/Dinner) 
Sakura Pink - Shrimps
Emerald Green - Basil and Cheese 
Tokyo Ramen - Soya Sauce, Light Fish-Flavoured Broth

Suzuki Ramen Bar

61 Circular Road (Opp Mogambo's)
Opening Hours
Mon - Sat: 11:30 - 22:00 (Closed Sun)