Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Best Laksa I've Had! - Sungei Laksa

I had arrived at half past 1pm and a snaking queue with cordons and all were already up. A tidy set up inside the kitchen for minimal fuzz or stress. An almost no nonsense vibe resounds within this family run operation with clear instructions and clarifications written on the board. And that a small bowl of Laksa at a FIXED price of $3. 

I had stood in line for only about 20-30mins. But this has got to be one of the best laksa I have ever had! Usually with the "katong" laksa(s), I find them diluted in taste and end up stirring a load of chilli paste into the broth... This one however, was so flavourful and rich, that I did not have to. 

Flavours sealed in via that slow cook on coals. If you rush the cooking process, the coconut milk may separate from the broth hence leaving you that flat milky taste. There is a rich sweetness to this broth too, I suspect it is the prawns that lend flavour. They were generous with the "hum" cockles, and they were fresh and medium sized. 

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