Mattar Road White Pepper Crab

Perhaps a dish/recipe only found at home. A refreshing change to the usual black pepper crabs in the over commercialized seafood chains sprouting everywhere.

I wanted to go back to the origins. I wanted to try something local, something hawker.
So i have read so much about Mattar Road's famous crabs. This lost food street, was also where the "No Signboard" restaurant had originated. There was a stall, in Old Airport Road hawker centre, that is said to still cook this white pepper crabs like the days of old.

I had to make this trip. It doesn't have a queue, it doesn't have the frills. It is not even in a conspicuous area of the hawker centre. It is hidden on the back row!

The balance of pepper, salt, and curry leaves was precarious. Very flavourful. The old school heavy hand on condiments. The meat was juicy and not overcooked. Neither was it too soggy inside. Goes well with Beer. 


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